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Brief Introduction
Harbin Guang Da Ice Rink Manufacture Company is established in 1993. It is the first established company manufacturing ice rinks in China. It obtained the certificate of ISO9001: 2000 and has manufactured the most of Chinese ice rinks including international standard ice rinks and entertainment ice rink; direct cooling system and indirect cooling system. 
Fog and drip eliminating system developed and designed by our company has been applied to ice rinks since 1998 and gets a good effect ion. Painting machine for ice rink surface was developed and designed by us in 2002. It can give the ice surface good effect ion. 
Our company can offer a series of services. We design, manufacture, supply and install direct and indirect cooling system, permanent, portable, and rental ice rinks. We provide rink refrigeration pipe grids, chillers, rink perimeter boards, and hockey dasher boards, ice resurfacing machines and other maintenance equipment, ice building and ice maintenance products, skates and other ice sporting industry accessories. 
Our target is to make customers satisfaction.